Try these foot odor remedies that you can apply at home using household ingredients.

On the search for foot odor remedies? - One of the most annoying foot problems to bother most of us at some point is foot odor or smelly feet. The scientific term is bromidrosis.

Before trying a foot odor remedy, lets look at what causes foot odor.

The main cause of foot odor is the presence of fetid bacteria on the foot. When you sweat, the fatty acids that are excreted in sweat decompose around fetid bacteria causing a foul odor.

Foot odor remedies

One way to reduce foot odor is to reduce the amount of sweat your feet produce. During the day, each foot produces more than a cup of sweat. When you exercise each foot produces a lot more - at least a pint!

Keeping your feet dry and practicing good foot cleanliness (to reduce fetid bacteria) can help control your foot odor.

Here are a few recommended remedies for foot odor:

  • Bath feet in warm water with an anti-bacterial soap at least once a day.

  • Change to white cotton socks in summer or to lightweight woollen hose in winter.

  • Air your shoes thoroughly after wear for as long as you can. Alternate shoes if you can so that you don't wear the same pair two days in a row.

  • After getting up in the morning spray your shoes with a good deodorizer like New Balance Shoe Deodorizer. This will absorb the moisture that accumulates inside your footwear. Alternatively, sprinkle talcum powder or cornstarch.

  • Then use a dry foot or anti-fungal spray directly on your foot before putting on your socks. ONOX is a Foot Solution spray that works to absorb excess moisture throughout the day. Or you could even use an underarm deodorant (as long as you don't have any blisters).

  • If you have some time up your sleeve before going out try this remedy. Give you feet a very cold five-minute footbath followed by a very hot soak. Then fix yourself a third footbath of ice cubes and lemon juice. Rub your feet with rubbing alcohol, dry them and slip on your powdered shoes. Try this routine everyday if you can. It works to reduce sweat by constricting the blood flow making your feet cool and dry.

  • Or if you're in a hurry try half a cup of kosher salt (larger crystals than ordinary table salt) per quart of water. Soak your feet in the lukewarm solution for five minutes.

If after trying this daily regime you still can't get rid of excessive foot odor, consult a podiatrist.