Athlete's foot remedies to remove or reduce symptoms in ninety percent of cases.

Athlete's Foot is a common fungal infection of the skin of your feet. Athlete's foot remedies work to inhibit this fungus reducing symptoms like itching or burning of the foot.

You can treat Athlete's foot with over-the-counter anti-fungal sprays and creams, or try athlete's foot remedies such as this potent home remedy using deodorized garlic.

Here's what to do:

1) Visit your local health food store and ask for two bottles of Kyolic Liquid. Kyolic doesn't smell, as it is a deodorized, aged, garlic extract that kills fungus on contact.

2) In the morning after showering and drying your feet thoroughly, apply a thin coating of one bottle's worth of garlic liquid onto the feet. Make sure you pay particular attention to coat the area of infection. Cover your feet with plastic food wrap, pull on your socks and go about your daily business. What you are doing is forcing the garlic extract into the skin of the feet. This kills the fungal organisms.

3) In the evening, soak your feet in a five percent solution of potassium permanganate contained in a gallon of water, purified if possible. You can buy little purple tablets of potassium permanganate as an over-the-counter remedy at your local drugstore. Relax and read a book, or watch TV because you'll need to soak your feet for at least an hour.

4) The following morning, open the second bottle of Kyolic. Make four garlic pills from the extract with the gelatin capsules that come in the Kyolic kit. Swallow the four garlic capsules with water. Take two capsules after breakfast and two after dinner. This internal remedy will be fungicidal in your stomach the way it is on your feet.

If your feet are inflamed or hot from the fungus or allergy, although it may sound unusual, try dabbing plain, high-fat yogurt on the sore areas. It works! - Yogurt has millions of friendly bacterial cultures that kill off fungal organisms.

As well as the above remedies, remember to practice good hygiene and follow these recommendations.

  • Wash feet with an anti-bacterial soap

  • Dry feet well after showering or bathing, taking extra care to dry between toes.

  • Apply an anti-fungal cream such as Vite 20 to absorb excess moisture. These powders work to inhibit the growth of athlete’s foot fungus and can also treat smelly feet.

  • Wear cotton socks and change them often, especially after exercising or perspiring. Don't forget to let sweaty shoes dry out before wearing again.

  • Wear rubber sandals when using public showers or pools. Make sure they're the non-slip kind.

If you try the above athlete’s foot remedies but just can't seem to get rid of athlete's foot, visit your doctor. They may prescribe you oral treatment if the topical anti-fungal treatments aren't effective for you.